I’m the newest and freshest talented barber at Bennie Mac’s barbershop. I’m the go to guy if you just walking in and did not book a appointment.

Bennie Mac

If you looking to get a legendary haircut from a legendary barber.  I’m Birmingham’s finest with the clippers! The shop is name after me for a reason, ya dig! I’m a comedian too so I might make ya laugh a little bit when I cut ya.


Hey I cut hair full time all around the clock and many people book appointments with me. It is hard to catch me if you just walking in, I always got someone in my chair. Super talented with the clippers since day 1. 


Been working as a barber with Bennie Mac for many years now, and I can do many haircut styles. If you looking for that tight fade that’s just right, I got you covered. I’m a busy a lot of times so make your appointment, and I’ll let you know if I can meet with you.